Invites Train operators to share input

The Railway Directorate invites potential providers in Traffic Package 4 to share input for the conduct of the competition.

In the autumn of 2020, the Railway Directorate plans to announce competition for the operation of passenger rail transport in Eastern Norway - Traffic package 4. The traffic package will include the following lines:

  • Local trains (L1) Spikkestad / Asker - Lillestrøm
  • Local trains (L2) Stabekk / Skøyen - Ski
  • Local trains (L3) Oslo S - Jaren
  • Local trains (L21) Stabekk - Moss
  • Local trains (L22) Skøyen - Mysen / Rakkestad
  • Regional trains (R20) Oslo S - Halden (with possible extension to Gothenburg)
  • Regional trains (R30) Oslo S - Gjøvik

Traffic package 4 is a large package and contains comprehensive train services. The Railway Directorate wishes to receive the train operators' input on how the competition for the traffic package should be organized and the basis for the competition to be designed to meet the objectives of the competition.

Train operators wishing to provide input are referred for guidance in Doffin and TED.