Train companies wishing to receive the competitive basis, and possibly participate in the competition, must prequalify. Prequalification aims to limit the number of providers to only serious companies.

Applicant companies must have:

  • A sound financial and financial position
  • A clear corporate distinction between protected business and competitive business
  • Permission to conduct railway operations in Norway, or make it likely that such a permit will be granted
  • Competence and capacity to provide rail transport services
  • Statement from the owner(s) behind the application if the applicant is a planned or newly established company

The qualification scheme is announced in Doffin / TED.

About the prequalification

Prequalified providers have access to indicative market information on the lines that have been decided to be exposed to competition.

The Railway Directorate has designed a procurement procedure that strives for transparency for all providers, fairness, and that complies with the principles of transparency and equal treatment, and in accordance with EC 1370/2007.

Link to prequalfication at Doffin (Database for public procurement)
Link to prequalification at TED (Tenders electronic daily)

Pre-qualifying form

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