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Advisory innovation board for the railway

The Advisory Innovation Board consists of technology and innovation managers from Norwegian railway operators. The board works with strategic management of innovation and technology development on the railway in Norway.

The mandate of the advisory board is to challenge, initiate and coordinate joint efforts for technology and innovation on the railway. The board will accelerate the piloting and implementation of new solutions, assess funding opportunities and increase the value of Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking in Norway. 

The aim of the board is to

  • contribute to achieving the transport policy goals
  • increase value creation in the sector by stimulating more open and sustainable innovation
  • breaking down barriers to innovation
  • stimulate more technology suppliers to the railway

The members are appointed by the players in the railway sector themselves, and the appointment period is for two years. The board is chaired by the Norwegian Railway Directorate, and its members meet three times a year.

Medlemmer i rådgivende innovasjonsstyreFoto: Jernbanedirektoratet
Members of the advisory innovation board for the railway.

The members of the board

(for the period October 2023–2025)

  • Pål Midtlien Danielsen (chairman), leader of Section for Innovation, Norwegian Railway Directorate
  • Guro Berild, Head of IT Department, Bane NOR
  • Bjørn Bjune, Director of Product and Development, Baneservice
  • Luca Cuppari, technical director, Norske tog
  • Gisle Pedersen, Head of Product and Business Development, Entur
  • Ramnath Falch Ambathy, Chief Technology Officer, Mantena 
  • Haakon Gløersen, Director of Mobility and Business Development, VY 
  • Andreas Amundsen Olsen, Chief Financial Officer, SJ
  • Erik Halland, Director Materials, Cargonet
  • Kent Kolnes, IT/tech manager, Go-Ahead Norge AS
  • Leo Bull, IT and Technology Director, Flytoget 
  • Jan Frederik Geiner, Director of Knowledge, Innovation and Sustainability, Norwegian Railway Directorate 
  • Ann Kristin Bjerknes, Senior Advisor Innovation Section, Norwegian Railway Directorate 

Contact person

Pål Midtlien Danielsen

Pål Midtlien Danielsen