Europe’s Rail

Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking was established in 2021 and is the largest railway innovation programme ever in Europe.

Under the leadership of the Norwegian Railway Directorate, the Norwegian railway sector and R&D environments are participating in major innovation projects over the next 10 years. 

Europe’s Rail is part of the EU’s framework programme for innovation, Horizon Europe. Together with European partners, we will «make rail the everyday mobility».

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Europe’s Rail projects
Project duration
4 years
Project partners
Value (euro)
600 million

Six innovation projects

The first six projects are now underway.

Read more about the different projects and who is participating from Norway:

Unified system architecture and operating concept

Upcoming events

Gathering Europe’s Rail

When: 15 October
Where: Epicenter Oslo

More information to come.

Contact persons

Preben Sæthre

Preben Sæthre

Ann Kristin Bjerknes

Ann Kristin Bjerknes