railML2.4nor – Norway’s Railway Data Exchange Format

railML® – Railway Markup Language – is an open-source XML based data exchange format, which shall enable an easy communication of heterogenous railway applications.

It is developed by railML.org, a registered association in Germany since 2002, in close cooperation with all interested institutions and businesses of the railway sector across Europe.

railML2.4nor is a microscopic model, which uses railML2.4 as a basis and adds extensions to meet Norwegian requirements. It is no competing standard to railML2.4, but is the Norwegian usage of railML2.4 plus Norwegian extensions. It shall serve as infrastructure data exchange format for the Norwegian railway sector from 2019 onwards.

In the following the documentation of railML2.4nor is available for download. It consists of three parts:

  • PDF document explaining general modelling rules and element specific definitions and extensions
  • railML2.4nor schema XSD
  • Excel sheet containing all elements, attributes and values railML2.4nor contains

For questions please contact Torben Brand (torben.brand[at]jernbanedirektoratet.no) at Jernbanedirektoratet or railML.org via their contact form.